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Anonymous said: My boyfriend doesn't know I suffer from an eating disorder and he mentioned that his type is small skinny girls. Even though I am, I am even more concerned about gaining weight now. He didn't mean anything by it, and his opinion means a lot to me. I just know how to get out of this mindset that I need to be thin.

You’ll get better with time. It takes time to recover from an eating disorder and every day is a new battle, but eventually, you won’t feel so tied to it. You just need to be patient with yourself :)

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We know that some days are harder than others. 
We know that sometimes you’re not sure how you can hold on to hope. 
We know that it’s scary to think about the future.
You are here. You made it to this day. You will make it to the next one. 
You are here.
Let that be the proof you need to keep going. 
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